Thursday, October 16, 2008

Past Projects

So, I decided to make the blog about my foray into sewing. Much to the surprise of everyone, I have actually jumped right it and absolutely love creating my own clothes and purses. I plan on using this blog to share with everyone my latest projects. Here are some pictures of things I have finished in the past. I don't have pictures of everything but a few of my favorites.

This was the third dress ever that I made. I was extremely proud of it. The lady at Hobby Lobby even asked me if I made and said she would never attempt anything that difficult!

This isn't a great picture but it is the same style dress as above with different fabric. I changed the waist to be just straight instead of the accordion fold. This version was a lot better than the first but I think I like the first fabric more.

This was my very first purse. I absolutely love it and have carried it non-stop. My sewing machine however did not enjoy it as much but it make it through with only 2 broken needles.

This is my second purse. I don't like it nearly as much as I liked the first one. If I make it again, I will probably slightly change the design and not make it so long. It is a little awkward when carrying it.

Here is my game day dress. I have recieved so many compliments every time I wear it. I have random people stopping me on the street and in the stadium saying they love my dress and ask where I got it. Of course, I gladly tell them that it is an Andee original!

Those are all of the pictures I have for now. Thanks to my wonderful husband and in-laws, I now have a fantastic sewing machine that really speeds up the sewing process. It is also an embroidery machine but I am still working on figuring that all out and acquiring fonts so I can do monograms! Right now, I am in the middle of making Courtney a game day dress and halloween costumes for Courtney, Amber, and Heather. I will post pictures as soon as they are finished. If anyone has Christmas requests, let me know :)


Rachel said...

Hey Andee! How are you?? I love your designs! Are you living in Birmingham? I might have to get you to make some outfits for my little boy Wyatt... he needs an Auburn romper! :)

Andee said...

I am actually still in Auburn. David is working on his phd so we still have a little longer to go. Your son is absolutely precious! I can't believe that you are a mom!

Amanda said...

Everything you have made so far is so cute and so YOU!!! I love it all!

Love the blog and I can't wait to see more.